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With You in Mind

ATG Homes is a family owned business in the Texarkana area focused on making Real Estate dreams come true. ATG is an umbrella company consisting of new construction, rehabbed properties, development and rental properties. We are no ordinary construction company. We listen to what consumers want - we build with you in mind. ATG is no ordinary property management company - we go the extra mile and we think outside the box for innovative solutions. We are no ordinary development firm - we have roots in Texarkana and want to see this city thrive. ATG is set apart, we are unique, we go against the grain.

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New Construction

Currently, we have one home move-in ready and one we are building in Pleasant Grove West.

See Available Properties page for more information.

Moving Boxes

Homes for Rent

See Available Properties page for a complete list.

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Contact us if you are interested in buying, selling, or investing. If you are interested in new construction, development, or need a place to rent.

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